How to select a base style

Welcome! The new Auctiva Commerce customization tools allow you to select a base style for your draft theme which you can then customize if desired. This tutorial will walk you through the process of selecting a base style.

From the Select Style tab (go to Store > Theme > Store Designer, then click on Edit Draft button) of the Auctiva Commerce customizations interface there are several options and methods that can be used to select a base style for your draft theme. Follow the steps below to select your base style.

  1. Step 1: Find a style you like. When you first access the Select Styles tab all of the available base styles will be displayed - this can be overwhelming so we have provided some basic filtering tools so you can narrow down your choices. On the left side of the Select Styles tab you can narrow the displayed styles using the "Available Style Categories" and/or "Available Style Colors" drop-downs. Once you find a base style you like you are ready to select it for use on your draft theme.
  2. Step 2: Select your draft theme base style. There are two ways to select a base style for your draft theme - you can Preview the style by clicking on the Preview button which opens a larger view of the style, then click on the Select this Style link, or you can click on the Apply Color dropdown to view the available color schemes for that style, and then click on the base style color you want to use. No worries if you make a mistake as it is very easy to change to another style or base color scheme. Changes are saved automatically as you make updates. You can also rename your draft theme on this tab here by entering your desired name in the Theme Name text box on the left rail.
  3. Step 3: Preview, Preview, Preview. After selecting a base style it is a good idea to preview how the pages will look to your buyers. To preview the actual store pages click on the Edit Layout tab and then click the green Preview button. This will launch your draft store in a Preview window where you can confirm that the style is the one you'd like to use.

That's it!! You've selected a base style for your draft theme and can move on to editing content and layout. Note that if you need more help you can always find it on the Auctiva Commerce Help Site. Also take a look at our community forums to network with other sellers and see how they're creating great stores.

Happy Selling!


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