How to create an Up-selling scenario

Auctiva Commerce allows you to create up-selling scenarios on your storefront that informs customers about other items they may not have considered. This feature can help increase profit-margins per order. This tutorial will show you how to create up-selling scenarios for your store.

What is up-selling?

Up-selling is a technique that typically suggests more profitable items that are intended to replace the customer's original item that has been added to the cart. Up-selling items are commonly the same type of item, but are considered an upgrade. These items will display to the customer when a product with up-selling items assigned to it is added to the cart. Customers don't have to purchase the items you recommend in an up-selling scenario. These types of scenarios give your items some exposure.

How to create an up-selling scenario

Step 1. Find a product.
  • Go to Inventory> Manage Inventory. Find the item that will have a cross-selling scenario added. Use the search tool if necessary.
  • Click the Edit button. This will load the product Details page.
  • Click on the Up-sell tab. This will load the Up-sell page.
Step 2. Assign items.
  •  Product Name: Enter the name of the product you want to assign to this product. Check the Show Thumbnails box if you want the search result to return images.
  • Click the Search button.
  • Click the Add button to link the related item. The related product will be displayed in the Item box. You can delete items by using the Delete button.
  • Add more products if necessary.
  • Click the Finish button. This will take you back to your product Details tab. The changes are now saved.

Now when your customers add the basic version of your product to their carts, your suggestion will pop up. Here they can choose to add it to their orders or they can bypass it.

Tips for Up-selling

  • Consider offering a discount for the up-selling products using the Order and Product Coupon features. Read the "How to add an Order Coupon" and "How to add a Product Coupon" tutorials.
  • Up-selling scenarios don't always have to introduce the customer to the most expensive items in your store. You can assign related items that simply have greater profit margins.


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