How to import your past eBay customers email addresses from your Auctiva account into your Auctiva Commerce store.

Importing your past eBay customers email addresses from your Auctiva account into your Auctiva Commerce store is a simple process which you can perform via your Auctiva Commerce merchant admin site. When you perform the import operation Auctiva Commerce will import the email address of all customers that have purchased from you on eBay within the past year. They will be imported to an email list named Import, which you can rename after the Import operation if desired.

How to Import email addresses from Auctiva

Step 1. Log in to your Auctiva Commerce merchant admin
  • Go to Marketing > Email > Email Lists.
  • Click on the "Import Email Addresses from Auctiva Account button".
  • After a few minutes the Import job should have completed. To check the status click on the Dashboard icon and review the Store Events screen.
  • Upon successful import a new Email list named Import will have been created in your Auctiva Commerce store. You may now send marketing emails to the members of the Import list.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the Import list is designed to be used to send marketing emails vs. order event emails, any messages you send using the Import list must contain an Opt-out link and a physical address in order to be CAN-SPAM compliant in the United States. We have provided two new marketing message templates which contain the Opt-Out functionality and utilize your primary warehouse for a physical address. You may edit the content of these templates to suit your needs but cannot remove the Opt-Out or address content. Note that the opt-out information is inserted when the email is sent so it can't actually be seen in the template. To best way to preview the complete message is to send a test message to yourself so that you can verify the content. If a user "Opts-Out" their address will be removed from your list and will not be able to be re-added.
  • The two new marketing email templates included for your use are: "Announce a Promotion" and "Welcome Past Customers"

Note: All email templates can be edited. Go to Marketing > Email > Templates and edit or copy templates as necessary. The default email templates in Auctiva Commerce are written in HTML code. Make sure you are careful when making edits to these templates. It's a good idea to copy an email template by clicking on the Copy icon and edit the copied version. This will allow you to make changes that won't destroy the original email templates.


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